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Vote for Our 20th Anniversary Poster Theme!

Next year we are celebrating Market Square Farmers’ Market 20th season. Our posters have always been a must-have for our super fans and now we want YOUR opinion on what the poster theme should be for our upcoming milestone year. Every dollar donated equals one vote for your favorite theme  ($20 = 20 votes). Swing by the Info Booth at any market through the month of August or click below to place your vote.

Are you team “Under the Soil”, “Farmscape”, or “Market Haul”? 

Under the Soil 🌱🪱

Subterranean. Roots, worms, root vegetables, etc. All kinds of exciting things happening right below us.

Farmscape 👩‍🌾⛰🐄

Appalachian mountain farm scene. Think barns, tractors, farm animals, rolling hills.

Market Haul 🧺🥬🧀💐

Bounty you bring home from the farmers’ market. A cornucopia of fresh vegetables, cheese, bread, and honey.


20th Anniversary Poster Vote- Donation

20th Anniversary Poster Vote- Donation


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