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SNAP/Fresh Savings

Nourish Knoxville accepts EBT/SNAP at all our markets. Visit the information booth to swipe your EBT card to receive tokens to spend with eligible vendors.


We also offer a doubling program at all our markets called Fresh Savings. Swipe your EBT card and get up to $20 per transaction in matching tokens to spend on fresh fruits and vegetables at our farmers’ markets.

Fresh Savings is a statewide SNAP doubling program at farmers’ markets and grocers made possible by the AARP Foundation.

Fresh Savings tokens received can also be spent at any participating location, found here:

Save big on fruits and vegetables with your SNAP Card

In Knox County, locations are: New Harvest Park Farmers’ Market, Market Square Farmers’ Market or Holiday Market, Winter Farmers’ Market.

Funding for this website provided by the Tennessee Agricultural Enhancement Program

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