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Mountain Meadows at marketMountain Meadows Farm – Heiskell, TN
Contact Shannon: [email protected] or 865-310-0223

Looking for:

Market Crew- Individuals needed to work at farmers markets. Candidate must be dependable, friendly, people person, like fruits and vegetables, and must be able to do math and count change. You may choose to work at just one market or every market, but we ask that you commit to work the same market(s) each week. The main farmers market season is May-September and we attend markets from Tuesday – Saturday. Hours working at a weekday market typically run from 1pm-7pm, give or take an hour. The Saturday market working hours are either 7am-1pm, or 8am-3pm, depending on the market. Pay is based on experience.

Juice & Jam Crew- This will be a new position this year on our farm. We plan to have a food trailer, and turn our raw fruit or veg into value added products like juice, smoothies, jam, salads, etc. to sell at the farmers market and on our farm during pick-your-own times. This position will be part food prep and part customer service person. It is a part-time position at this time. Pay is based on experience. Please contact us for further details.

About the farm:

We are a diversified, sustainable farm in NE Anderson County, about 30 minutes north of Knoxville. We grow tree fruit, berries, and vegetables and direct market through farmers markets’, CSA, pick-your-own, and restaurant sales.

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