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Review the applicable Vendor Handbook before applying to a Nourish Knoxville Market.

Please note:

  • No resale is allowed by any vendor at any Nourish Knoxville Market. If you did not make it, grow it, or produce it, you cannot sell it at our markets.
  • All prepared foods must be made in a licensed & inspected kitchen to be eligible for our markets. The “Domestic Kitchen Exemption” and Food Freedom Act do not nullify this requirement.
  • All application fees are NON-REFUNDABLE.


    • Application:

      • Applications for the 2023 New Harvest Farmers’ Market are CLOSED
  • 2023 Market Square Farmers’ Market (WEDNESDAYS & SATURDAYS)

    • 2023 Dates & Hours:

      • Every Wednesday (10 am – 1 pm), May 3 through November 15, 2023
      • Every Saturday (9 am – 1 pm), May 6 through November 18, 2023
    • 2023 Location:

      • Wednesdays: Market Square (between Wall and Union) in downtown Knoxville
      • Saturdays: Market Square (between Wall and Union), Union Avenue (between Walnut & Gay), and Market Street (between Union & Clinch) in downtown Knoxville in downtown Knoxville
    • Vendor Handbook (link)

    • Application:

      Applications for the 2023 Market Square Farmers’ Market are CLOSED

  • 2023 – 2024 Winter Farmers’ Market (SATURDAYS)

    • 2023 – 2024 Dates & Hours:

      • Every Saturday, 10 AM – 2 PM, December 2 through December 23, 2023
      • NO MARKETS December 24, 2023 – January 19, 2024
      • Every Saturday, 10 AM – 2 PM, January 20 – March 30, 2024
    • 2023 – 2024 Locations:

      • December 2023: Union Avenue (between Walnut & Gay), Market Street (between Union & Clinch), and Market Square (south of the ice rink only) in downtown Knoxville
      • January – March 2024: Market Square (between Wall and Union) in downtown Knoxville
    • Vendor Handbook

    • Application:


  • Q: Do I have to participate in every Nourish Market?

    • A: No. You apply to each Market (Winter, New Harvest, Market Square) separately. All vendors reapply for each Market every year. Acceptance in one Market does not guarantee acceptance in another.
  • Do I have to participate every date the Market is held?

    • A: No. You can select specific dates on which you would like to participate when filling out the application. Priority will be given to applicants who select all/a majority of dates.
  • How much does it cost?

    • A: Refer to the Vendor Handbook (link at top of page) for booth fees for each Market. Booth fees are per day, per space. All our Markets also charge a non-refundable application fee.
  • What if I select dates and want to change them after submitting the application?

    • A: You will email us with any requested date changes. Once you submit your application, you cannot change your own dates.
  • What if I can’t attend a date I am approved for?

    • A: We have a 1-week cancellation policy. Email us with cancellations at least 1 week before the selected date to receive credit for booth fees,
  • Do you provide tents and tables?

    • A: No. Each vendor provides his/her own setup.  We do not require that vendors have a tent, but it is advisable. If you intend to set up a tent, Nourish Knoxville requires you weight your tent with at least 25 lbs of weight per leg and that the weights are securely fastened to the tent. The Winter Farmers’ Market is indoors, so no tents are needed.
  • Do you allow prepared food made in an uncertified kitchen?

    • A: No. All prepared food must be made in an inspected kitchen.
  • I don’t have an inspected kitchen. Can I rent or share someone else’s inspected kitchen? 

    • A: Yes. We will require a copy of the kitchen’s inspection documentation and a commissary agreement with the owner of the kitchen. These documents may vary depending on the county/city/state and the type of product. Please email us for more information on your specific circumstance,
  • Do I receive a refund if there is inclement weather at an outdoor market? 

    • A: No. All Markets are held rain or shine. If Nourish Knoxville decides to cancel a market due to dangerous weather, all vendors will receive credit or a refund for that date.
  • Will electricity be available?

    • A: Yes, but only in select locations and in limited quantities. If you require electricity, please make a note in your application. We will not be able to accommodate all requests for electricity. A generator may be required for food trucks operating at the New Harvest Farmers’ Market, as access to power at this location is limited.

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