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Intro to Herbal Infusions with Flora Wellness

March 26 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Herbal infusions are a simple and cost-effective way to incorporate herbs into your lifestyle. Infusions are like superfoods, but without all the hype (and therefore none of the price markups)! By drinking herbal infusions, anyone can nourish their body, and build health in a safe, sustainable way. In this class you will learn all the basics about herbal infusions: how to make them, which herbs to use, what the benefits of each herb are, how they compare to expensive herbal supplements, and why herbal infusions might be beneficial in caring for the health of you and your family. You will taste infusions made with 5 different herbs, take part in the process step by step, and go home with all the supplies needed to begin making infusions right away!

Please note that the herbs we will be working with for this class are nettle, oatstraw, chickweed, linden, and dandelion.

Meg Edwards of Flora Wellness has been studying herbalism as a hobby for almost a decade, and through the Herbal Academy online programs for two years. While living abroad in West Africa, she began foraging for plant medicines and connecting personally with plants in the wild for the first time. This opened her eyes to the all-but-forgotten paths of herbalists and medicine people who helped to nourish and heal their communities throughout human history. She started learning to forage for wild medicinal plants after moving to Knoxville in 2013. She has been foraging, harvesting, tincturing, blending teas, infusing oils and medicine making ever since. She is passionate about teaching others the basics of herbalism so that members of our community can feel more empowered to care for their own health in cost-effective, and sustainable ways.

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