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Buy local food straight from the source! Join a CSA, pre-order for home delivery, or drive out to the farm. Here’s how:

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

CSAs are subscription services, where customers pay the farmer up front for a “share” of the harvest. View our 2020 Knox County CSA Guide to find those delivering to Knox County or visit the CSA section of our Local Food Guide for options across East Tennessee.

Online Ordering

Many farms and producers have online stores, allowing for pre-orders to ship or drop off at homes, businesses, or on-farm. Some are simpler, posting current selections on social media for pre-order. Below is a list organized by product type. Visit their websites to order direct from a producer.

Find more producers, farm stores, and CSA listings by searching the online Local Food Guide.

Aggregate: Multiple Product Types with Farms Selling Together

4 Corners Ranch *   (865) 403-2870
330 Clyde Campbell Rd, Washburn
Our beef is 100% pastured pure-bred Longhorn. Available by retail cuts, in bulk and mixed packages, we offer a variety of methods to “meat” your needs. You can order online, along with produce from HATfresh, baked goods from Mama C’s Gluten-Free, honey & honey products from Wildwood Bee, and chicken and pork from Half Ridge Farm, and choose from a number of pick-up locations. We also ship!

Garden Delivery CSA **   (865) 441-5743
New Market
“Order What You Want, When You Want.” Our convenient, flexible CSA has a $25 membership fee for the whole year for new members, $15 for returning members. We farm year-round! No minimum order, no sales tax, no requirement to order every week! Multiple delivery locations in Knox, Sevier, and Jefferson Counties. We send an email order form every Friday for the following Wednesday deliveries/pick-ups. Each member chooses what she/he wants for that week. No minimum order requirement. Convenient online ordering is available.

HATfresh **   (423) 567-5428
6800 Waller Ferry Rd, Lenoir City
We are a sustainable agriculture farm specializing in aquaponics, growing an assortment of produce from blackberries to jalapeños. We grow all of our plants organically and your purchase goes towards our mission of feeding people around the world. We’ve partnered with 4 Corners Ranch, Springer Mountain, Honeybee Coffee, Cruze Farm, and Old Bailey Farm to also offer meat, coffee, milk, eggs, and honey for home delivery and pick-up in the Knoxville & Lenior City area.

Produce, and Produce with Meat and/or Eggs

Hickory Cove Orchards *
Hickory Cove Orchards Online Store
Call: (423) 272-2309; Text (321) 223-4572
[email protected]
We are a certified organic family farm growing apples, pears, blueberries, and blackberries. We also offer free-range, antibiotic and hormone-free chicken eggs, as well as honey. Order on our website for delivery (limited area), pick-up on the farm or at farmers’ markets. Arrange delivery or pick-up by calling, texting, or contacting us on Facebook.

Mountain Roots Farm *
309 Lillard Allen Ln, Sevierville
A quarter-acre, bio-intensive market garden using regenerative farming practices to grow nutrient-dense vegetables. Shop our online store for pick-ups at the farm in Sevierville.

Mossy Creek Mushrooms   (865) 375-0339
208 E Old Andrew Johnson Hwy, Jefferson City
We are a mushroom business in the Mossy Creek community. Order mushrooms or grow your own kits for on-site pick-up, or join our CSA.

Sleepy Bear’s Farm **   (865) 386-7953
Sustainable, environmentally responsible farm specializing in fruits, edible flowers, honey, and rare vegetables. Online ordering available via the website.

Sugartree Gourmet  (865) 406-1399
Offering a mini-CSA with produce and a pork option. Call, text, or direct message on Instagram for ordering by Thursday on the week of the CSA. Pick up Saturdays at Three Rivers Market in Knoxville or RT Lodge in Maryville.

Honey & Maple Syrup

The Burns and The Bees   (865) 235-8553
Offering raw, honestly labeled honey (with pollen analysis), certified hive inspections, educational programs, beeswax products, propolis, tinctures, honey sodas, and our very own line of locally-raised bees. Committed to sustainable beekeeping since 2007. Order online for shipping to your door.

Guzzle Hollow Gardens *   (865) 377-9284
We produce local honey and pure maple syrup. Order online for shipping to your door.

Knoxville Honey Co  (865) 300-7006
We are a family-owned-and-operated business. We want to be your one-stop-shop for local honey and hive products. We offer local honey, honeycomb, pollen, pollination services, honey bees, and queens. Wholesale, retail, and bulk honey. Order online for shipping to your door.

Smokey Ridge Apiaries   (865) 984-5393
368 O’Dell Rd, Maryville
We sell honey, creamed honey, candles, lip balm, soap, hand lotion, and other products made with beeswax and honey. We are beekeepers and have about 70 hives. We usually have wildflower and sourwood along with 17 different flavors of creamed honey. Order from our online store for shipping to your door.

Meat & Eggs

Bales Farms   (423) 823-1397
A sixth-generation family farm run by Grammy-winning musician Barry Bales. Pastured-raised beef, pork, chicken, & eggs. Supplemental feed mixed on the farm, made from non-GMO & organic ingredients. Clean, safe, humanely-raised products. Pre-order online for deliveries in Knoxville, Kingsport, and Johnson City.

Half Ridge Farm *
We specialize in farm-fresh, non-GMO, and soy-free woodland-raised pork. In addition, we provide pasture-raised, non-GMO chicken. We offer whole chickens, boneless skinless breasts, leg quarters, and wings. Order online for pick-up in Clinton and Knoxville.

Land Basket Farm *   (423) 202-4924
2707 Warrensburg Rd, Russellville
After 30 years of serving in the military, we have made a joyful transition to sustainable farming. We raise our animals on pasture and have eggs, grain-finished lamb, and no-GMP-fed whole chickens. Order online for pick-up at our farm.

Lick Skillet Farm
800 Lick Skillet Ln, New Market
We sustainably and humanely raise forage-finished beef and lamb, pastured pork, and free-range eggs on our Century Farm. We’ve partnered with Gateway Delivery to deliver your online order of our meats, eggs, and soap directly to your door! On-farm pick-up via drive-through also available Sundays 1 – 3pm.

Ridge Line Farms
(423) 506-3058
139 County Rd 100, Decatur
We raise Angus-sired beef that’s grass-fed and grain-finished and sold by the whole, half, or package and is USDA-inspected. Order online and pick up on-farm.

Southern Natural Farms   (865) 805-1788
Based in Knoxville, we work with farmers across Tennessee to provide 100% grass-fed beef, grain-finished beef, and all-natural pork. We sell direct-to-consumer through our website for shipping.

Wandering Walnut Meadows
Family farm growing pastured poultry and grass-fed lamb for our local community. We offer lamb, duck and chicken eggs, and pastured whole chickens. We strive to farm as sustainably as possible. Order online for pick up at the Maryville Farmers’ Market or on-farm. Delivery available to Blount County.

Milk & Ice Cream

Blackberry Farm
Through our line of farmstead cheeses, charcuterie, and preserves, we seek to preserve the wellspring of farm goods when they are at their peak. Order from our online store for shipping.

Kelly’s Pasta *   (865) 227-7070
We make flavored handmade pastas. The pasta is made with a base of flour, eggs, and olive oil. The flavors are derived from herbs and vegetables grown and sourced through local farmers. Order online for delivery to your door!

Olde Virden’s Tennessee Pepper Company *   (888) 544-2998
Olde Virden’s Tennessee Pepper Company specializes in 100% dehydrated chili pepper blends. We source our peppers from a Grainger County farmer and dehydrate them within 24 hours of them being picked. Order online for shipping.

Reclaiming Your Roots *
Run by Knoxville-based herbalist Rachel Milford, we offer wildcrafted medicinal herbs in the form of handcrafted tea blends, salves, syrups, and other products. Order online to pick up at a farmers’ market or to be shipped.

Rushy Springs Farm *   (865) 674-7004
Grower of vegetables and medicinal and culinary herbs. Specializing in rare & proprietary chiles, heirloom tomatoes, garlic, & onions. Maker of Tennessee Jim’s World Class Salt Brine Fermentation Chile Sauces, dried chiles, & chile powders. Order from Etsy for shipping.

Sweetwater Valley Farm   (865) 458-9192
17988 W Lee Hwy, Philadelphia
Our farm is in southeast TN’s dairy-rich Sweetwater Valley, known for its agricultural vitality and progress. Our cheese is produced in a state-of-the-art facility while preserving the art of cheese-making in the traditional farmstead manner. Our online store includes other products like pickles, hot sauces, jams, and honey.

WEE   (423) 371-8856
520 Anderson Rd, Sweetwater
Small veteran-owned market farm that specializes in artisan pickles and relishes. Our on-farm kitchen is TDA certified for pickles, jams, and confections. We also have a sawmill to mill our wood for our handmade wood crafts. Order online for shipping.

Wildcat Mountain *
Bernstadt, KY
Wildcat Mountain Cheese seeks to handcraft a variety of flavorful farmstead artisan cheeses, each with its own unique flavor profile. Handcrafted from natural milk produced by grass-fed cows. Order online for shipping.

Flowers & Plants

Sevier Blumen *
A small, family farm nestled in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains in Sevierville. We grow everything from Ageratum to Zinnias, over 100 species including flowers, foliage, seed pods, and herbs. Bouquets of flowers available for home delivery by ordering online through our Square store.

*    = Nourish Knoxville Markets approved vendor
**  = Nourish Knoxville Markets approved vendor offering additional products from non-Nourish Knoxville vendors

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