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Nourish Knoxville was incorporated in 2013 in order to expand upon the local food work started through the Market Square Farmers’ Market, its vendors, staff, and other projects. The Market Square Farmers’ Market was started on Market Square in 2004 and grew to be one of the top producer-only farmers’ markets in the country. As the market grew, it became apparent that there was no non-profit working on food issues in the Knoxville area. Market director Charlotte Tolley convened a group of local-food loving people to become the first board of directors, and they created Nourish Knoxville to take on projects in the Knoxville food shed beyond the farmers’ markets.

  • 2004: Market Square Farmers’ Market opens on Market Square. It was open on Saturdays only, May through November, with craft vendors participating on 2nd Saturdays only
  • 2005: The Wednesday Market Square Farmers’ Market opens, from 4-7pm.
  • 2006: Craft vendors are included in all Market Square Farmers’ Markets and the Wednesday market is moved to 11-2pm
  • 2007: Market Square Holiday Market opens on Market Square
  • 2009: Market Square Farmers’ Market becomes the first farmers’ market in the state of Tennessee to accept EBT/SNAP through a scrip system
  • April 2013: Nourish Knoxville incorporated
  • 2013: Nourish Knoxville publishes the first East Tennessee Local Food Guide
  • 2014: Nourish Knoxville opens the first Winter Farmers’ Market
  • December 2014: Nourish Knoxville receives 501(c)(3) designation
  • February 2016: Nourish Knoxville holds the first annual Winter Warmer fundraising dinner

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